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Flight Of The Falcon
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General Information

Media Type: Video Games & Computer Software
Timeframe: (Alternate) - BY - The Rebellion


  • Gameboy Advance

Episode IV-1: Approaching The Tatooine System

Episode IV-2: Mos Eisley Spaceport, Tatooine

Episode IV-3: Dune Sea, Tatooine

Episode IV-4: Death Star Approach

Episode IV-5: Death Star Attack, Battle Station Surface

Episode IV-6: The Exhaust Port, Death Star Trench

Episode V-1: Hoth Asteroid Field

Episode V-2: Cloud City, Bespin

Episode V-3: Escape The Executor

Episode VI-1: Battle of Endor

Episode VI-2: Endor, The Forest Moon

Episode VI-3: Death Star II Surface

Episode VI-4: Reactor Core Access Tunnels, Inside The Death Star

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