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Star Wars Reference Guide
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Star Wars Episode I: Battle For Naboo
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General Information

Media Type: Video Games & Computer Software
Timeframe: (Alternate) - 32 BBY - The Rise Of The Empire


  • Nintendo 64
  • Windows

Full Listing

  • Naboo
  • Planet: Naboo
  • Adela Tyché
  • Character: Adela Tyché
  • Borvo
  • Character: Borvo
  • Gavyn Sykes
  • Character: Gavyn Sykes
  • Ivar Nitu
  • Character: Ivar Nitu
  • Kael
  • Character: Kael
  • Kol Kotha
  • Character: Kol Kotha
  • Lutin Hollis
  • Character: Lutin Hollis
  • Ned Greeby
  • Character: Ned Greeby
  • Neeka Tiss
  • Character: Neeka Tiss
  • Captain Panaka
  • Character: Panaka
  • Ric Olié, Bravo Leader
  • Character: Ric Olié
  • Rohan Wayside
  • Character: Rohan Wayside
  • Smeer Ze-Trios
  • Character: Smeer Ze-Trios
  • Vedd Deviss
  • Character: Vedd Deviss

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